54 Fabulous Valentines Day Mason Jar Decor Ideas

Do you drink your coffee or favorite drinks from a mason jar? Well, make yourself a decorative mason jar koozie, or cozy as they’re sometimes called, for your favorite drink and your jar will be a lot more comfortable to hold.

Think about it – when you put cold drinks in a glass, especially when you add ice, they sweat on the outside and they can get pretty cold to hold too. A mason jar koozie will keep the outside of your glass dry.

If you use jars for coffee or hot chocolate, or any other hot drink, you can wrap a koozie around the jar and make it a lot more comfortable to hold.

Regular coffee mugs have handles and they’re made with the type of glass that doesn’t get that hot on the outside while the coffee is steaming inside. Mason jars aren’t especially made for drinking out of, but since they’re gaining in popularity to use as drinking mugs, people are coming up with some fun ways to decorate them too.